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Mar 1, 2024

Raschad Moody

5 stars on Google

Came in for new contacts and eye exam and was treated with care, extreme professionalism, and knowledge with the assistance with what my insurance actually covers. Thanks to Tanari I came in learned more and left with a year supply of contacts with an updated exam and glasses. I highly recommend this location.

Mar 1, 2024

Judy “Judy” Judy

5 stars on Google

Best eyeglass selection experience ever! Many thanks to Mary in Franklin, I had my best (and most efficient) experience ever selecting frames. To start, she showed me the size of frame I needed--that made a huge difference to not try on frames that were too big or too small. Then we sat down with my basket of about 20 frames and Mary recognized the bridge size made a big difference in fit (the right size prevented the glasses from slipping down my nose). She divided the remaining 8-10 by color, and then we quickly narrowed the count to one neutral color and 2 fun colors. Ultimately, between my insurance and Wisconsin Vision's 2nd pair 50% off, I got 2 pair for less than my last single pair at another optical shop. Thanks to Mary....can't wait to get my new glasses!!

Feb 29, 2024

George Gonzales

5 stars on Google

The customer service was amazing. My optometrist specialist Tanairi really helped me select a great style. Also very knowledgeable with the type of lenses I needed to upgrade to.

Feb 29, 2024

Kathy Lyon

5 stars on Google

The doctor was very thorough and explained everything. Mary G @ the Franklin store is great to work with! She is very patient, helpful, and answers all of our questions. I will definitely go back.

Feb 5, 2024

Julia J. Dybul

5 stars on Google

Excellent. Mary G. Was an enormous help in many ways. She work quickly, efficiently and with great professionalism! Dr Adler examined my eyes and was excellent! I’ll definitely return .

Feb 3, 2024

DJ Cell

5 stars on Google

Tanairi is a wonderful optician! She provides wonderful customer service and makes sure that we walk out of Wisconsin Vision happy! Highly recommend her help and location!

Feb 2, 2024

Denise Schlink

5 stars on Google

Purchased regular and sunglasses o 2/1/24. Tanairi was the associate who assisted me. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Selection was excellent and pricing reasonable. I would highly recommend this business.

Jan 27, 2024

Mooyoung Lee

5 stars on Google

All the staff members were exceptionally friendly and kind. Sam provided outstanding customer service. The remote eye exam, though new to me, exceeded my expectations. I'm likely to opt for the remote exam again.

Jan 20, 2024

Chris V

5 stars on Google

Tanairi. Your kindness and caring spirit was exceptional. Thank you for helping my 83 year old father replace his glasses, after they were broken unexpectedly. Best of luck to you!

Jan 9, 2024

Steve Arend

5 stars on Google

I went to the Franklin location of Wisconsin Visions January 2, 2024. Mary was extremely helpful and helped expedite the manufacturing process of my prescription at the lab. I was able to get my new glasses just in time for my vacation. Thank you Mary and the WV lab.!!!!

Jan 6, 2024

Mike Farinawicz

5 stars on Google

We had a fantastic experience at Wisconsin Vision due to Tonya and team. We were visiting to select a set of frames for my four year old son. The team was patient, thoughtful, and courteous the whole time despite our son really wanting to be anywhere else at that moment. Would recommend to anyone... You get what you pay for!

Jan 4, 2024

scott mcgregor

5 stars on Google

Tonya and Mary made sure that I was well taken care of while getting my new glasses. Thank you both for such a pleasurable experience getting my new glasses. I appreciate you both!

Dec 5, 2023

Jo Anne Kwiatkowski

5 stars on Google

Just had my first experience with the Telehealth Optos Photo and Visual Field Screening at Wisconsin Vision on south 27th street in Franklin. It was a great experience! Felt I received a very thorough exam. Could interact easily with the eye doctor Jennifer Gibb OD. The staff Mary, Sam and Tanairi were so helpful and pleasant. Would defineatly do it again.

Nov 30, 2023

Myra Mahuka

5 stars on Google

Walked in to get my glasses, fixed Mary and a young gentleman. They were very kind and helpful. Mary had let me know right off the bat that it was a 5% chance. If it broke they wouldn’t be liable and I did it anyway she made me feel very comfortable and made me feel like she was knowledgeable and what she was doing so I went ahead and did it and at the end my glasses came out perfect thank you so much Mary

Nov 24, 2023

Denise Marie

4 stars on Google

I had a great experience with Mary and Dee. My company recently switched to Wisconsin Vision from Herslof. I didn’t have to wait long and Mary and Dee were friendly and pleasant to work with.

Oct 6, 2023

Kris Laposi

5 stars on Google

Good customer service can be a rare thing. But I have to give a shout out to Mary at Wisconsin Vision! My nose pad had come off my glasses making them very uncomfortable to wear. She was 20 minutes away from closing for the day. She fixed my glasses and scheduled my next vision exam and did it all with a contagious smile! I am so grateful that I can now wear my glasses without them causing discomfort! Thank you Mary and I’ll see you in a few weeks!!

Sep 28, 2023

John Newkirk

5 stars on Google

Needed a repair on my mangled glasses. Your associate Mary was both congenial and professional, so now will be using the services of Wisconsin Vision going forward. And Mary is the reason!

Sep 2, 2023

Aleta Schilling

5 stars on Google

I've been going to this location for a long time because the staff here embodies what a great customer experience should be. I recently ordered sunglasses that weren't quite right so they helped me rush them to the lab to get them back in time for my vacation to Europe. Each step of the way, they reassured me it would all work out and it did! I'll never go elsewhere for glasses. Thank you all so much!

Aug 2, 2023

Jamie M. Koleas

5 stars on Google

I brought in my Ray Bans to get the lens re-fitted and Mary helped me right away & got it fixed quickly. She was so friendly and knowledgeable, and let me know what the issue was and how to prevent it in the future. Great service, clean store, nice location, I was very happy with my experience!

Jul 15, 2023

Michelle P

5 stars on Google

Grace C helped me this morning to shop for glasses frames. Not only was she incredibly friendly and patient, she went above and beyond to provide me first class service and a valuable helpful opinion! Thank you Grace!

Jun 7, 2023

Linda Bruchert

5 stars on Google

This was one of the best prescription eye exams that I've had in years. Dr. Paul Dalecky was very patient, thorough and personable. Emma helped me when I came in and helped me picking out glasses. She was also exceptional. One of the few optician's who honestly told me that a pair of glasses wasn't right for me. I'd highly recommend this place!

Jun 3, 2023

Josey K

5 stars on Google

Mary was very helpful. She remembered everything we talked about when I came back in to finalize the purchase new glasses. She gave input on the frames and lenses that she reccomended to meet my needs. She also fixed an old pair of glasses that I brought in. Good selection and easy to work with insurance.

May 24, 2023

Daniel Sanchez

5 stars on Google

We recently visited was blown away by the exceptional service a. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, taking the time to help us. They have an extensive selection of frames to choose from, and the staff was more than happy to help me try on different options. Caleb just knockout of the park with his great costumer service skills, was also very thorough in examining our eyes and making sure with help of the optometrist that our prescription was up to date. Overall, We had a fantastic experience at this optical place and would highly recommend it to anyone in need.

May 18, 2023


5 stars on Google

Awesome experience nice selection of glasses. Caleb helped my son to pick out new glasses. Very helpful & and personable young man. I will continue to buy glasses from Wisconsin Vision been a customer for yrs. Would definitely recommend going here for the best customer experience. They are always wanting the customer to satisfied.

Apr 29, 2023

Alyssa Zimny

5 stars on Google

We worked with Mary to find some glasses for our daughter and had a great experience. Mary was knowledgeable and patient with my two children. She went the extra mile to make sure we got the best pricing possible between our insurance coverage and store promotions. The selection of options for children exceeded expectations.

Mar 2, 2023

Dianne Kleineider

5 stars on Google

Mary was very professional and kind helping me pick out new glasses & getting the best price available. She is very knowledgeable and directed me to the correct size frames for my face. I am very happy I chose the Franklin store with their wonderful staff!

Feb 14, 2023

Kay Evenson

5 stars on Google

Excellent service. Timely results. Staff outstanding. Priceless service. Insurance processing made easy; they did the work. Most importantly the personal care in assisting me in making the correct choice in my frames! Mary was a super guide in my choice. Thank you! P.S. I was heading out of town and they had glasses ready for me ahead of time.

Dec 27, 2022

J Wiedower

5 stars on Google

They were so friendly and helpful at Wisconsin Vision in Franklin. Mary helped me schedule a convenient time for my appointment and then reschedule when the weather did not cooperate. It can be difficult to reschedule, but she made it easy. I definitely would recommend ! I was very happy with my service.

Dec 27, 2022

J Weed

5 stars on Google

They were so friendly and helpful at Wisconsin Vision in Franklin. Mary helped me schedule a convenient time for my appointment and then reschedule when the weather did not cooperate. It can be difficult to reschedule, but she made it easy. I definitely would recommend ! I was very happy with my service.

Dec 17, 2022

Thalia Aleman

5 stars on Google

Mary spoke to me over the phone when I originally called for an eye exam and she was so pleasant. Not only was she able to get me into the office the very next day, she clearly described what the appointment would be like (virtual) and gave me some tips on how to prepare for it. After my appointment she broke down all the pricing on lenses and frames for me, helped me understand what my insurance would cover, informed me about sale specials next year, and answered every single question I had without hesitation. This is the kind of customer experience I wish I could have every where. All the staff were kind, but Mary stands out because she was genuinely willing to engage with you on a professional and social level. I appreciate her kindness and expertise.

Dec 16, 2022

Leslie Jade

5 stars on Google

I've been going to the Franklin location for years and the staff is the best. Prompt, courteous and they know their stuff. They have a great selection of frames. Shout-out to Mary for always helping me choose a frame that complements my face shape!

Dec 7, 2022

Jeff Nowak

5 stars on Google

The Franklin location is 100% legit. They worked with me on appointment time, bringing me in at 6:45 a.m. when I couldn't get in for the time I wanted. They were fast, pleasant and knew their stuff. I was home in 45 minutes. The Dr. gave me straight up recommendations on what services I needed, so I felt they weren't just trying to sell me additional service. AND, the contact prices I received were better than the "buy direct" contact websites. So, a total win and I give them a super high recommendation and rating. And, Mary the manager was pleasant, easy to work with and didn't push sales of contacts on me. Gave me time to research right there and find out their deal was better than what I could order online.

Nov 11, 2022

Carlos Rojo

5 stars on Google

During an emergency situation with broken glasses, no other optometrist in the area was willing to help me with my unique time constraints. While I realize that perhaps what I was asking for was too much, Mary and Maddison at Wisconsin Vision came out of nowhere to my rescue, fitting my lenses to new frames and even giving me a discount for my trouble. When no one else was willing to help, they came in and were the biggest help. They’ve definitely earned my business and I absolutely recommend this location because of its superior staff and great treatment of customers.

Sep 27, 2022

Tina Fanselow

5 stars on Google

The staff at Wisconsin Vision in Franklin are so helpful and amazing. I've been going there for years now. I'd also like to give a special shout out to Michele. She took time out of her busy schedule to fix my favorite pair of frames. Michele did an awesome job. I feel like I have a new pair of glasses again. Thank you to Michele and the rest of the staff for taking such great care of my eye care needs.

Sep 14, 2022


5 stars on Google

This was our first visit to Wisconsin Vision Franklin and it went amazingly well! It was prompt, professional service at the desk and Dr. Dalecky definitely knew what he was talking about. When choosing glasses, we got actual help from the workers; not sure of her name but she went around choosing ones she thought would look nice on my face; both color and type of frame. She was also super helpful when choosing everything that would go into my glasses. We will definitely be back again and recommend this place to others!

Sep 6, 2022

Agnes Sabel

5 stars on Google

Very helpful and friendly. Michele was so helpful when picking out my frames. When I went into pick up my glasses I worked with Mary who was available, was also very helpful and friendly. This is a very customer oriented Store and very helpful, everyone is so friendly.

Aug 19, 2022


5 stars on Google

I had a pair of broken glasses and was afraid they couldn't be fixed. When I stopped in I was greeted by Araceli and Mary. They looked at my glasses and they reassured me they could have them fixed ASAP. Their fast and friendly service had my glasses fixed and ready to go faster than I expected. I would highly recommend Wisconsin Vision in Franklin.

Aug 6, 2022

Gilbert Loferski

5 stars on Google

Wisconsin Vision was very helpful with making sure my glasses were perfect for my eyes. Tonya and Allison were very courteous at the Layton Av. location in Milwaukee. Thank you very much.

Jul 15, 2022

Cristian Rodriguez

5 stars on Google

I have came here twice and have had nothing bad to say. The service is good and friendly, Mary helped me out several times, and I would like to say she makes it that much more pleasurable. Again, nice glasses and service, I’d def come again

Jun 25, 2022

Michael Lutomski

5 stars on Google

Mary has always given us excellent service She always treated my wife and I with prompt and courteous attention from eyeglass adjustments to new frame and fittings for our new pairs. Mary treats both of us as individuals. We greatly appreciate her. She's an asset to Wisconsin Vision

Jun 15, 2022

Patricia Gutowski

5 stars on Google

Stopped in to request if a fix of my granddaughter’s broken glasses was even possible. Mary G. was very kind, personable & professional as she quickly made the repair. Wonderful Customer Service! Mary, you made a little girl very happy! Thank you!!

Jun 15, 2022

V Rusch

5 stars on Google

I've always had a good experience at Wisconsin Vision everyone is very friendly and helpful. Mary has always taken good care of me and helpful in finding the right glass frames. Dr. Paul Dalecky is super informative and puts me at ease. Thank you all.

Jun 8, 2022

Ronald Mccorkel

5 stars on Google

Stop back in to have my new glass looked at after a few days of wearing. Mary was top notch and quickly resolved my issue and readjusted my glasses for how I like to wear them! Thank you Mary for the great service.

May 20, 2022

Lynn Conlee

5 stars on Google

I have been going to this Franklin location of WI Vision for many years. Dr. Paul Dalecky is very thorough, understood my vision concerns and was quite helpful making suggestions to resolve them. Michele Beyer was spot on for picking out frames that I loved when I was overwhelmed w choices. She was patient and all the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I totally recommend them.

Feb 7, 2022

Linda Smith

5 stars on Google

I had some issues with the prescription for my eyeglasses and the way the lenses were manufactured. These concerns were conveyed to Mary G, who is the office manager. Mary listened and all of my concerns were taken care of.

Feb 2, 2022

Deb Porter

5 stars on Google

Thanks Dr. Paul Dalecky for such a thorough eye exam, honestly the best I've had. Exceeded my expectations, would highly recommend Dr. Dalecky for your eye care needs. Thanks also to Michele Beyer for her help and expertise through the experience. Easy 5 star review for Wisconsin Vision in Franklin.

Jan 17, 2022

Michelle Paskiewicz

5 stars on Google

Great service from two employees that were working today. I wish I would have their names to put on this review. They were very helpful and my progressives for the first time in the past couple years are good and were measured correctly. 1.17.22

Dec 27, 2021

Marilyn Metz

5 stars on Google

I'm a client in Franklin where Mary is always welcoming and friendly. She has given me exceptional service with my many eyeglass issues and selections of frames.

Dec 17, 2021

Scott Bean

5 stars on Google

Great experience with Mary fitting the glasses but also the whole office positive and welcoming. Mary helped us pick the right pair.

Dec 3, 2021

Tom Schulz

5 stars on Google

Have been going to this location for years and have always had an exceptional experience. At my most recent visit Michelle and Mary really went the extra mile to insure my experience was positive. Highly recommend this location

Nov 8, 2021

Steve Shelleh

5 stars on Google

Visited the store in Franklin Wi and got my new classes ,all the staff where friendly ,professional and courteous ,thank you Michele and Mary.

Sep 29, 2021


5 stars on Google

The staff and Doctor at this location is awesome. They went above and beyond in service for me when I experienced a major contact/glasses issues. Thank you soooooo much.

Aug 11, 2021

Kat Shea

5 stars on Google

I’m from Minneapolis and was in Franklin WI to attend an all-important wedding shower for my son and his fiancé. I’m writing to extend a huge thank you to one of your employees who literally saved my weekend. I wear contacts to protect my eye from occasional ingrown eyelashes, and, of course, on this weekend, I was surprised by a particularly painful one — and I’d forgotten to pack any contacts. While your doctor didn’t have an appointment time to pull the wayward lash, your kind employee did give me 3 lenses from your trial supply and let me insert one in your contact lens fitting room. I felt dramatically better immediately, going from wondering how I’d manage the 6-hour drive to joyfully celebrating my son’s upcoming marriage. I didn’t catch her name but she and your clinic gave me back that special weekend. Thank you!

Aug 5, 2021

Kathy Peetz

5 stars on Google

I stopped here over a month ago in search of frames. Michelle helped me find some I liked, but I wanted to continue looking in case I found something I liked better. A couple of weeks later I found some at a place that is a preferred provider for my insurance so I ordered glasses there. When I picked them up, there was clearly something wrong with the prescription. I ended up returning these and went back to Wisconsin Vision. Michelle remembered me and helped me to find the frames I’d looked at several weeks ago. I ordered the glasses and got them yesterday. They are perfect. As the optician was working with me, Michelle came over and asked if I liked them. A good product with good customer service: rare today.

Jul 8, 2021

Peter Mueller

5 stars on Google

Awsome mgt.very helpful.mgr very caring for my needs.went out of her way to help me.

Jun 30, 2021

Catherine Oremus

5 stars on Google

I had awesome care from everyone the moment I walked in the door. One person that stood out was Michelle!!! She was caring, professional and treated me like she would treat a friend. From helping me pick out glasses,( and being very honest with her opinion) to helping me with payment alternatives and and going over every little detail all with a smile and genuine concern for my satisfaction!!! Mary also was a gem. She was interrupted often because of questions I had and was not hesitant or upset at anytime. Because of Michelle this will be my go to place from now on for my eye care and glasses!!!!! Michelle is the best of the best!!!!

May 16, 2021

Delfina Keno

5 stars on Google

Trevor was super helpful and very understanding, he made my visit more comfortable. Give that man a raise

May 14, 2021

Steven Cajski

5 stars on Google

This was my first time at the Franklin location. I was thoroughly impressed by the hospitality. The Dr. was nice and down to earth when explaining my eye scan results. Michele was super helpful while I was picking out frames. Would rate 10/10 but this site only allows 5 stars. P. S. Michele. . . (nobody saw that)

Apr 13, 2021

khristina roffers

5 stars on Google

I had my exam done today and had a wonderful experience! The staff was very knowledgeable and polite. My exam was done by Dr. Dalecky and he was so nice and professional. I also worked with Michele and she did a great job informing me of my insurance benefits and what I pay out of pocket. All in all, I recommend going to this location!

Feb 2, 2021

Suzie Neumann

5 stars on Google

I am so grateful for the kindness and the help from Mary, the manager!! I feel like she really wants customers to be satisfied with their purchase!! She went out of her way to help me...can not recommend any place better to get your glasses!!

Oct 27, 2020

Darlene Kramer

5 stars on Google

Mary G. is absolutely outstanding. I needed a new pair of sunglasses and she was so knowledgeable about the type of frame that would work best as well as assisting with the style. Then she explained the different lenses and recommended one for me. After I received my glasses, she adjusted them. I have NEVER had such friendly customer service as well as someone who explained so much about the different types of lenses. I walked out wearing my new sunglasses and they are absolutely perfect. In January I'll be returning to purchase a new pair of daily glasses. My sunglasses are better than my regular daily glasses. Hats off to Mary! Thanks so much for your assistance. You are truly a great asset to Wisconsin Vision. Darlene

Mar 12, 2020

David Defilippis

5 stars on Google

Hi I'm Valerie & I just wanted to give associate Mary G. a bigs shout out. She was so helpful & patient. She spent the time needed in helping me pick out the perfect glasses & sun glasses. From fitting my face to details like centering my eyes within the frame to how the different styles worked with my hair, skin & eyebrows. She explained all the options for my lenses with clarity. She went above & beyond. Thanks Mary.

Mar 2, 2020

Heather Close

5 stars on Google

I have not had great experiences with eye doctors, but this Wisconsin Vision was great! Lauren, checked me and was friendly and helpful. The eye doctor was quick and efficient. As well as kind and explained everything. After the exam, Lauren made ordering contacts so easy! Making sure to get me the best deal. I will definitely be back.

Feb 17, 2020

Aleta Schilling

5 stars on Google

I don't know why I always shop around at other places when I'm looking for new glasses knowing I'll end up at Wisconsin Vision. Great customer service, wonderful selection, and my frames always arrive quickly!

Feb 6, 2020


5 stars on Google

Wow!! The quality and speed of getting new glasses was amazing! Sara and her team were fantastic... never have I had bi focal as comfortable to look through as these!

Feb 1, 2020

Mark The Shark

5 stars on Google

Went in for a complete eye exam and was assured by the Doc I wasn't going blind. Very helpful sales. Left a few dollars lighter in the wallet for a great pair of specs.

Dec 5, 2019

Joey Marshmallow

5 stars on Google

Just went here today. Super friendly people and very decent price wise. They helped me pick my glasses.

Apr 3, 2019

Brenda Me

5 stars on Google

The employees were pleasant and Dr Delaney was so nice to my mom great visit

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