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Designer Frames


You know how accessories can make an outfit distinctly yours? The same goes for your eyeglasses. Unique details on your frames can set your look apart from the rest, and Wisconsin/Heartland Vision has a wide selection of frames that incorporate these eye-catching features like designer logos, cutouts and rhinestones.

EmbellishmentVogue Eyewear

Crystal and rhinestone embellishments act as jewelry for your eyes. Opt for subtle stones and colors for understated glamour that can work in any setting.

LatticeworkBCBG Eyewear

Intricate details like latticework and embossed temples add to the appeal of metal frames, creating an almost handcrafted look to your frames. Delicate cutouts can even give your eyeglasses a jewelry-like artistry.

Designer LogosPrada Eyewear

When you want to highlight your fashion sense and show the world who you're wearing, go for frames emblazoned with a designer logo. Choose from subtle embossing for a classic look or think bold with a crystal-encrusted logo on the temple.
Of course, the only way to know for sure which ones are right for you is to try them on at Wisconsin/ Heartland Vision where our skilled opticians will help choose the perfect pair. You'll find we have one of the largest selections of designer frames in your area. Trust that we never buy closeouts or discounted product. You get the latest styles and the best fashions from us. 

Frame Materials


Metal FramesDonna Karan Eyewear

Metal eyeglasses have long been favored for their traditional styling, sleek profile and understated elegance. But newer metal options are reinterpreting the classics with innovative cutouts and latticework. And while metal frames can't conquer the color spectrum in the same way their plastic counterparts can, they are available in more hues than ever before. Finally, the finish of the metal should also be considered - choose a flat, brushed finish for a casual feel or a shiny, polished finish for a more elegant look.

Plastic FramesCandies Eyewear

Unlike the sleeker silhouette of metal, plastic glasses often come in bold, chunky styles for a dramatic look. They're also available in endless color options to complement almost any look. Can't decide on a single color? Try a duotone frame with a pop of contrasting color on the temple. Different hues can also be layered on plastic models to soften a too-vibrant shade and create depth. Plastic frames are also a good option if you have a stronger prescription since they're substantial enough to hide a thicker lens.

Metal/Plastic HybridsBrendel Eyewear

Frames that combine sleek metal and colorful plastic let you have it both ways. This popular combination adds visual interest to your look and really stretches the places they can go. They also offer the strength of plastic and the malleable nature of metal - so they're durable but can be adjusted quite easily when needed. Titanium is another metal eyewear option that's extremely lightweight, strong, durable and corrosion-resistant. We have an incredible selection of Flexon Frames that add the best elements of fashion and function.

Memory MetalsFlexon Frames

Memory Metal is made of special titanium and some nickel alloy. This material has special properties that will return it to the original shape after accidental twisting or bending. Because they hold their shape and adjustment longer, they are ideal for individuals who are rough on their glasses, play sports, or fall asleep in their glasses.


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